Q&A 常见问题






Your membership information is all you need to borrow materials from the Library.

After identifying a library-owned item in the online catalog, simply write down the call number to locate the item on the shelf. If you need help finding an item, please ask a Library staff member.

Bring the item to the front desk and present you provide your information to check the item out.

To obtain a membership, please sign-up with librarians.


You are allowed to borrow a maximum of 3 books from the library.

If you borrowed 3 books, please return at least one on time to continue to borrow another one.


Yes, you can. And you are allowed to renew maximum 2 times, and no longer than 14 days in total.


Materials can be renewed over the phone or in person.

电话 / Phone support: +65 6232 0028


You must go to the library and return the book.

Kindly meet the librarians and request them to return the book.